How life as I know it now, all began.

As with most things I start off at full throttle but inevitably with tasks that don’t make money, bring pleasure or are absolutely necessary they are done as and when can be. I hope this blog to be cathartic to me if nothing else and perhaps a chronicle of things that mean something to me at any given time which would otherwise pass by and become a vague memory. So bear with me as I blog and find a rhythm, I live a relatively uncomplicated, but hectic life surrounded by the things that make me happy.

I have always been creative, and I guess in some ways a girly girl. Princesses, dresses, jewels, pretty things…these days I guess I show my more practical side, out of necessity mostly. I have also, always baked, even as a teenager, weekends would’ve been spent making cakes and eating cakes, what better way to spend your time when you haven’t yet learnt to drive and live down the Ards Peninsula. Yet never did I think that I could ever turn it into a business. As expected of me, G.C.S.E.s, A-levels and university followed and as you can imagine a BSc (Hons) Social Psychology and Sociology really helps in the world of caking! There was nothing else for it than to get an office job, get married, have a few special holidays, have kids and do nothing especially interesting to anyone except ourselves. I found however that having kids brought me a new perspective, whilst never really having much ambition, content with life as it was, I suddenly started to think about how my life would be for years to come. Working ever changing shift patterns, seeing little of my kids and seeing even less of my husband, how much could I actually take.

As I have said previously, I believe things happen for a reason so just as cakes had become a hobby they started to become a possibilty, a possibility to make a career for myself, doing something I love and was becoming increasingly good at. Being on maternity leave with my second child made it easy for me to continue on with a career break and then take the leap to set up Candytuft Cakes. The rest however hasn’t been easy. There have been times when I could have easily thrown it from me, having the kids all day and the late nights working have taken their toll but without the hard work I don’t believe I would have the business I have today. One of my uncles is very business minded and makes suggestions all the time on how I could expand, but at the minute, the selfish side of me is happy to be Mrs Candytuft.