Tuesday, 1 January 2013

At last...

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...1st January 2013 and I start my blog! It's taken a lot to get me here, the imminent birth of my third child being the main reason! I was hoping (s)he would've been here by now and needed something to take my mind off the incessant Braxton Hicks so thought, hey, why not start my blog, so here I am!

I imagine my blog will be a mixture of musings on my life as a full-time mummy to 2, soon to be 3, beautiful children, wife, and self-employed cake designer with my own business, Candytuft Cakes, which I run from home. For now at least I have a husband to wait on me and an excuse to eat what I want, within reason of course! So bring on the tea and banana bread and my first blogpost on the first day of a brand new year! 

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