Friday, 4 January 2013

Better to be thought a fool...

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I have had a Facebook account for around 4 years, opened because my friends had one then used it as a platform for my Candytuft Cakes Facebook page, my Twitter account has been going  for around 2 years and my foray into blogging has just started. I have to admit I am not a big user of my personal Facebook account, simply because I lost interest but my business page has been invaluable for showing my work in it's entirety as it is very accessible and easy to update, much more so than my Candytuft Cakes website. Twitter was started on a whim after getting a better mobile phone and blogging will hopefully give me an outlet for everything in my head that I don't get to share due to working alone with only young children for company during the day!

Apart from posts on my Facebook Business page I struggle with what to say, which is why, in the past I have said very little! You know those desk top calendars with quotes and sayings on each page, well, in my teens I remember reading one that said, 'Better to be thought a fool than speak and remove the doubt.' I have never forgotten it and it always makes me reluctant to post my ridiculous, or otherwise, notions. However when you read some of things on Facebook and Twitter you wonder why you made the fuss about your potentially uninteresting information in the first place! So as we begin 2013 I have thrown caution to the wind in some respects and will aim to share my thoughts  etc. more freely. I can't guarantee they will be interesting, make you laugh or be in any way informative but I will try!

Kathryn xxx

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