Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Changing rooms

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Throughout our time spent in our first and only home, so far, we have made quite a few changes, these changes tend to be when we are experiencing other significant life changes, which have specifically been the birth of our children and changing jobs/career break. It appears we are content with our lot until something major makes us realise that changes would improve how we live, then we wonder why we didn't do it sooner!

Just before we had our first child we extended our house adding on to the rear thinking that we would have a family kitchen/diner/snug area where we would spend most of our time and we did, that was until I started  Candytuft Cakes. I just assumed that working from home would be the perfect solution but it reached the point where I could not escape cakes. We bought display cabinets which took over our dining room, not to mention the large storage boxes on the dining table, and the fact that my ingredients and other equipment took up kitchen cupboard space also... imagine living in the same space as your workplace without being able to close the door on it. So for the past few months, with the inevitability of our third child arriving, we needed to rethink our living/working arrangements yet again.

We have a detached garage, which, until my husband's work circumstances changed, housed two motorcycles, amongst the usual garage junk plus more of my storage boxes. I guess we had never considered a change of use because of this. However when my husband realised he had to get a car, the bikes had to go and this freed up the garage as a potential workspace. 

Now after seeking a few quotes, getting rid of a few trailer loads of rubbish with still a little bit to do, we are about to embark on the conversion of our garage into my cake studio! We hope to have a space which will combine storage for my equipment, a decent workspace, space to display my cakes and also a consultation area. Hopefully work will be starting by the end of the month and will definitely be one for many blog posts! 

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