Thursday, 31 January 2013

Free from cakes!

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Not that long ago, after many months of stressed out caking and consequently stressed out parenting, my husband and I finally came to the conclusion that we had to get cakes out of our home! Yes, working from home has it's advantages but my little cake business had completely taken our home, apart from the bathroom and bedrooms. There were times, usually at 4 am, when I seriously questioned whether I should continue with cakes, and with very little chance of escape, something had to give. For a long time we have dreamt about moving house, with space for our children, daily living, cakes and my husband's myriad of hobby equipment and clothing! Suffice to say, without a miracle, we are staying put.

I am sure the question of converting the garage had arisen previously between my husband and I, we can only imagine we dismissed it due to the fact that it was home to two motorcycles, bicycles, kids toys, garden tools and various other types of 'garage junk'. The very fact it took us so long to realise what had been staring at us the whole time got me thinking of the circumstances that had to come together to get us to the point where the move is actually taking place... firstly, my sheer frustration at having my workplace in my home whilst being so busy; secondly, being pregnant and hormonal, enough for me to be very vocal about my frustrations to my husband; thirdly, my husband having to move work base which meant he needed a car and had to sell his motorcycles (freeing up the garage); and finally, being pregnant and due a few months maternity leave, giving us an order free window to enable the necessary work to be done. When I think about it this way it just confirms my belief that things happen the way they are meant to and sometimes we have to experience times of stress so that when we come out the other side we appreciate what we have so much more.

The beginning of our journey to a house free from cakes is due to start in the next few days (although by the time I post this it may have already started!) but there has been a lot of preparation to get us to this point, namely clearing the garage of everything! Fortunately this job has come down to my husband, admittedly it was mostly full of his stuff! With a newborn to look after, the work would have fallen on him anyway. He tells me no less than 5 trailer loads were taken to the dump, that's 8.5 years worth of junk gathered. Thankfully our lovely next door neighbours offered us the use of one of their sheds to temporarily store my crates of equipment and we also had to purchase a shed of our own to house our tumble drier along with lawn mower etc. but the result is an empty garage all ready for it's makeover! I can't quite believe it's finally happening and, in all actuality, won't take very long, then the fun begins! I have pretty much decided how I want it to look, it's just a case of sourcing all the elements and putting it altogether. In a month or two when I start back I will have a lovely space to work in and display my cakes as well as our lovely family home to escape to, free from cakes! 

Here are 2 photos to show the progress so far. I'm looking forward to seeing it develop into the images I have stored in my head and chronicling it here!

The clear-out beginning...

Almost ready for it's makeover

Kathryn xxx

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