Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My first bath in years!

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As I write this blog post on my iPad, (damage limitations as I have just painted my nails!), it is almost the end to an evening unlike many I ever get to have! It is true, since all the hype of Christmas with a 2 yr old and 4 yr old, then that very same 2 yr old turning 3 on the 27th, and now the impending birth of child #3 it was all set to be a busy New Year but here we are on the 8th January with no newborn and much too much time on my hands!

I have never been one to sit at peace, more so the past few years than ever. The change in pace of my life since setting up Candytuft Cakes and being at home with my 2 children has kept me busy beyond belief, but that is how I like it, so this extra time on my hands, as short lived as it will be, is trying my patience! Keeping occupied during the day is easy enough however when evening comes and the kids are in bed, there are no cakes to bake/decorate, and I have restless legs, even watching tv is a task. It is so silly, this little one presently kicking the life out of me will be here in a relatively short space of time, will most likely be the cause of sleepless nights etc. but I would be more than happy if s(he) just decided to come along right now. I have even ironed every piece of clothing and bedding within an inch of it's life, which if you knew me well would be a shock as I DO NOT IRON, it has to be one of my most hated chores! 

So, this begs the question, what have I been doing to keep occupied? Well tonight I have had my first bath in so long I can't even remember. Baths are not something I do, as I never have the time, nor indeed the inclination and I can't say I particularly enjoyed it. It wasn't helped by the fact my husband decided to watch his Led Zepplin dvd which I could hear through the floor as I tried to relax!!! I, of course, after soaking for a while, then got showered and washed my hair. I also got the rare chance to
use some of my favourite products from Liz Earle and to smother my body in Bio Oil.  Upon drying my hair I then came downstairs to paint my nails, (only happens on very special occasions!), have a cuppa, open a box of Thorntons chocs and write this blog post.

I am being a little selfish blogging to keep my mind busy but I'm sincerely hoping baby realises the effort I have gone to to preen myself for impending childbirth and decided to come along soon and ruin all my efforts anyway, I really don't mind at all! Kathryn xxx

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