Wednesday, 2 January 2013

So it's the morning after the night before...

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And still no appearance of baby, having had my little boy 10 days early and my little girl 14 days early I was quite certain this one would be early too and now the impatience has kicked in. There are few things about me ever change, I am a creature of habit and I do not generally like surprises. If a change is going to happen I need to dictate it! This change I am ready for, going from one child to two was definitely more than twice the work, how hard can one more be... She says in jest of course!

I am also one for believing that things happen for a reason, we may never know that reason but we learn to live with what comes our way and become better people for it, hopefully. I certainly had no idea where my life would lead, whilst I say I am a creature of habit I am not organised in the traditional sense of the word but I know where am I and where I am going to most of the time. Take my 'career' for example, I use this term loosely as I still feel like I am in a bubble with my own business, it started out as an experiment whilst on maternity leave and has just grown immensely to the point where it would have been silly to go back to full time work so taking a career break seemed like the most obvious option. On saying that I work harder than I have ever had to, have less sleep than I have ever been used to (even though I used to do shift work!), and am more stressed than I ever thought I could be! However being successful at something that is solely me is something I cherish and despite my moaning and grumbling I wouldn't change things.

What is it they say? A change is as good as a rest? Well I am looking forward to this newest change, hopefully within my period of maternity leave my husband and I can re-evaluate the business and make changes for the better. We have many ideas, our main one being to convert our garage to my cake room and to take a new approach to the future of Candytuft Cakes. So with a new baby, new business ethos and moving forward, 2013 is looking bright!

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