Monday, 7 January 2013

Sunday night dread! but with cake!

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I have to say there has only been a year or so of my entire life where I have faced this phenomenon, whilst working a job which was mundane and meant me setting my alarm for 5:30am every weekday morning. I have mostly enjoyed my educational years and the majority of my working years have been spent working shifts or more lately of course working for myself, where weeks run into months and most days and nights are working ones anyway.

In a way I have a mild case of this tonight but for an odd reason indeed, my husband has been back to work since last Wednesday and tomorrow sees my son start back to nursery school. My daughter is pre-pre-school so only attends nursery Thursdays and Fridays but as I was expecting my 3rd baby to have arrived by now I feel somewhat at odds with the world. The thought of getting back to my old Monday morning routine of the nursery school run, grocery shopping with my daughter, returning home for an hour or so then picking up my son after lunch then home for an afternoon of mayhem with them both etc. is just not what I expected it would be. Of course I love both my kids to bits, it's nice for them to have a little of their own routine without being with me all the time but I had an idea of how life would be as 2013 began, new year, new baby, new routine, perfect time to start it all at once! I guess it comes down to me liking to be in control, but somethings are just a little unpredictable.

So how am I coping with this unpredictability? By doing the only thing I know how, baking of course! The end of last week saw me baking one of my husband's favourites, Banana, date, honey and walnut loaf, I have this recipe in a minature recipe book I bought years a go and it quickly became a favourite.

Then on Saturday morning, having realised I had some buttermilk in the fridge, I made my favourite cake ever Red Velvet Cake (follow the 'good to know' tip for making the cake). This little beauty made it's way to my mum and dad's for a Sunday treat and my little girl had her first and second tastes of red velvet! I know of many people who just don't get red velvet, but it should be a moist but light, vibrant red sponge, with a subtle chocolate flavour and contrasted with the cream cheese frosting is simply divine, I have tried a few recipes but find the Hummingbird recipe the best by far. There are some recipes out there which are basically chocolate sponges coloured red, don't even waste your time.

By the time Saturday afternoon came I felt the urge to bake again, this time I tried out a new recipe for my coeliac friend. Since meeting her at university she has become lactose intolerant and more recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Whilst being able to control her lactose intolerance, the coeliac disease is a different matter entirely and what is life without cake? So I found a flourless chocolate cake recipe, a simple one at that, and made her a little treat. With the ground almond substitution it made for quite a nutty flavour cake but the recipient was more than happy and with so few ingredients it's definitely one I will bear in mind for the future although the 20mins cooking time is somewhat misleading, more like 35mins as most of the reviews state.

I have to say it has been enjoyable just baking for the sake of baking, ordinarily I just don't have the time to bake other than cakes for decorating so I hope over the next few months to try out many new recipes and of course blog about them too! Kathryn xxx

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