Monday, 8 April 2013

Room with a cake!

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All good things come to those who wait! Well, I've been waiting and it had better be good!

I am very fortunate to have such a handy husband, although 'handy' isn't a strong enough word, he is in fact, a DIY genius. I have many pet names for him, 'sweetie', 'darling', 'half-a-job-Hodge' (ok, so the latter isn't very flattering but when it comes to everyday house stuff he walks around with blinkers on!) however, if things need fixed, look no further, he can turn his hand to many, many things! He also has a tendency towards 'modifying' things, which has certainly had it's place in our house!

Since the above picture, the room formally known as the garage, has been painted, the flooring laid, the kitchen units fitted, the island built, my cabinets put in place, a TV put up... with my granite work tops to be fitted, my seating to order and the finishing touches to do, I am always on the look out for quirky little additions to make it my space! My husband has gone above and beyond his call, and will have to continue to do so to get everything finished, payment of course will be his immense sense of achievement!!! and of course cake!

Kathryn xxx

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