Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tickled pink!

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Quickly following on from my latest cake room post, here is the photo I had wanted to show but couldn't find! It shows my newly laid floor and painted walls, yes they are pink, just a hint, all done by the fair hands of my husband. I'll air on the side of caution when referring to him as a DIY genuis again though, as his head may not fit back inside the room to finish the work!

Imagine a wall of kitchen cabinets at the back with a double sink then in front of that an island, to the left a sweet, little, mirrored, 2 drawer cabinet, with the tv above (well I need something to keep me entertained during the long nights working!) followed by my two large display cabinets. To the right will be a little sofa, with rug and table, the walls of course will be adorned with shelves and perhaps a picture or two, et voila, a working space for my decorating and a pretty space for consultations! Roll on the weekend when my granite arrives and I can start to fill my myriad of drawers! Yippee!

Kathryn xxx

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