Saturday, 18 May 2013

So, the day has come, my magnificent cake room is complete and I am so excited for many reasons, the main one of course is that I can finally get to work with everything to hand in a place designed for my needs, another is for my own sanity, I can finally close the door on a day's work and more importantly it means an end to cleaning and tidying frenzies in the evenings before consultations!

I don't really know what everyone is expecting but I have had a clear idea in my head all along, and way before there was any possibility of it being a reality! It is not an industrial kitchen type affair, it is a useful, comfortable, beautiful, perfect space for me to be able design and create surrounded by everything I need, and also a space for people to come and discuss their cakes, without the distractions of my children (as cute as they may be!). I will still bake in my house, (we have worked in the possibility of adding a single oven if the need arises at a later date) as the priority was to be able to have the cakes in a safe place as I decorate, ultimately out of the reach of tiny hands!

Whilst separate from the house, I wanted it to be like an extension, somewhere we could escape to, read a book, have a little peace and quiet, we even did a lot of work in our garden to make everything really pretty; a little garden seat, teacup planters, a little wooden pathway amongst gravel. I am excited about inviting people to come round to discuss their cakes as well as having somewhere to gather my thoughts when the kids are driving me up the wall! Of course it has come at a cost, these things are never free, but so many things happened at one moment in time to help us to realise this was how we would progress and some much needed money appeared from some very special people, without which this would have been impossible. It would also have been impossible without my ever talented husband, who has been instrumental in every aspect of this little project. If I ever slip into saying 'we' instead of 'I', he is the other part of my 'we', and as he often says, we do indeed make a great wee team. I really hope it will make a huge difference to, not only my business, but also to my home life and I look forward to many late, late evenings, and eventually, days of caking in my perfect little space!

Here are, of course, the all important photos, I hope you all enjoy looking at them!

Kathryn xxx