Sunday, 21 July 2013


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Hello! How are you all? It's been a while! I have all three kiddies at home all day everyday during the summer so anything that doesn't involve them usually has to wait till after their bedtime! If I do sit down to write a blog post I get no further than a few lines then a little voice shouts... 'MUMMY!!!' so I gave it up as a lost cause, till I get a bit of time to myself, so here I sit on a Saturday evening with housework coming out of my ears, 3 tiers of a wedding cake to ice before 9am tomorrow morning and a very strong desire to go to bed and sleep for, oh, about a month, to write a blog post! Go figure!

So what has made me want to blog? Well, quite simply, bread! I love bread, I always have, I wish I didn't, but I do and I could never cut it out of my diet, what would I eat for breakfast, lunch and sometimes tea too? I have always fancied the idea of making our own, and no, not with a machine, with my hands, so I finally succumbed and bought a book, I love books, and I wanted recipes to follow, with pictures! Any of you who like to bake, will of course, most probably, watch The Great British Bake Off, and will be thinking to yourselves, 'She's gone and bought that Paul Hollywood Bread book!' well yes I have, but no, not for the reason your thinking, it did just happen to be the best looking bread recipe book on the shop shelf at the time... Honest!

Let's cut to the chase though, I have cakes to ice! So, I made the first recipe in the book, the easiest and the one with the fewest ingredients, a Bloomer. Strong white bread flour, salt, fast-action dried yeast, olive oil and water and yes, my hands! The pressure of making a recipe for the first time when two little mouths (ok three, if you count Mr Candytuft) have been talking about it since you said you would give it a go doesn't help, nor does the, 'I don't know what this should look like or feel like' moment leading to the 'This is not going to work!' thoughts! So after the first rise, the shaping didn't quite go according to plan, then I think it was left to prove for a little too long (I don't think the heat of the day helped mind you!), but all in all it tasted pretty good, I just need to work on the aesthetics! My children were overjoyed at our very own bread loaf, my little boy claiming it was even better than the bread we buy in the shops! Now if that doesn't spur me on to make my next loaf nothing will!

Kathryn xxx

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