Monday, 1 December 2014

1st Dressember 2014

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I thought I would do a short post on this, the first day of my Dressember, I promise to keep it short, which, as you may well imagine, is difficult for me, as Mr Candytuft can well attest to! I hope then to do a full post of my daily outfits at the end of each week.

Thinking back to this morning, it may have been a good idea to plan my very first Dressember outfit, especially when I don't wear dresses or skirts a great deal, and the added difficulty of it being cold out, but where would the fun be in that! I was glad, however, to see it was dry, so this is what I decided on.

Most importantly my dress, it is Dressember afterall, is from H&M, bought in springtime, with short sleeves might I add, so underneath my jacket I added a black polo neck for warmth. My scarf was in the Tesco sale last winter, I love scarves and I love a bargain, and I found a little peach flower corsage in my drawer a few weeks ago which has found a home. Now the tights, an essential, are from Asda and are fleece lined, they are cosy but seem prone to bobbling around the ankles so not great for wearing with shoes but I'd imagine will be a lifesaver this month and my slouch boots from New Look were a no brainer. All in all I was warm enough doing the school run and grocery shop, not a bad first day I'd say, here's to the next 30!

Here is the link to mydonate page if you would like to sponsor me and you can read my reasons for doing it in my previous blog post. Thank you.

 Kathryn xxx

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