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On the last day of Dressember...

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So here I find myself in 2015, wow, how did that happen? You always expect December and the lead up to Christmas and the New Year to fly in, but throw in poorly children, chilly weather and having to wear a dress every day for an entire month and that's a whole lot more to think about. All that aside though I actually really enjoyed my very first Dressember and learned a few lessons, more than I thought I would.

Throughout the first week both myself and my husband were so dedicated to taking photos everyday, hey I even Instagrammed myself! You have no idea how much I do not like pictures of myself, never mind how much my husband does not like taking pictures of me. I am not an easy or willing subject! By the second week the kiddy sickness kicked in and by the time bedtime came around the last thing I was thinking about was posing for a photo! I still wore a dress everyday and I even looked forward to getting dressed every day. How often do you stand at your wardrobe and think, "I have nothing to wear!". I ended up wearing lots of the things I consider as "nothing to wear"! It was a pleasure to get dressed, despite the necessity of tights or leggings every day (all women know how uncomfortable tights can be!) and now that I have been able to wear jeans again for 2 days I can't wait to put a dress on again.

Why did I decide to wear a dress every day for the whole of the month of December? My husband suggested it, as a friend shared it on their Facebook page. Knowing that it's the kind of challenge I'd relish in, none of this climbing mountains or running marathons nonsense, I immediately said I would be up for it. A few weeks passed and the next thing I knew it was a day or two before the beginning of December! Ok, so that was the intial reason but then I thought about why would any woman sign up? Perhaps, if you are a man reading this, you will think "What's the big deal about wearing a dress everyday?", well, it is no mean feat! Imagine getting dressed for an evening out... every morning... but trying to be practical about it! However, the Dressember hashtag, #itsbiggerthanadress, says it all, it is not about the act of wearing a dress, everyday for the month of December, it's about the freedom we have to choose to in the first place. The reason many woman join the Dressember movement is highlighted in the Dressember ABOUT page, here, but I decided to raise money for a local charity, No More Traffik. Why? This local charity aims to spread awareness of human traffiking right here, afterall, how can it be stopped if people aren't aware that it is happening. Have you ever considered that human traffiking is already happening in our little country and, like everything, has the potential to grow? Why would we want any form of modern day slavery to continue? Involving women, men, or children, whether from here or indeed trafficked in from another country.

Whilst I have been faithfully wearing a dress everyday I have been doing it mindlessly in a sense, not mindlessly in that I haven't thought about my reasons everyday but it did become normal, especially after the first week. Imagine that your wardrobe only included dresses, it makes you really reconsider what you have to wear and you do have to become more creative, unless you are happy to wear the same thing everyday. Not only did I wear dresses I perhaps had only worn a handful of times but, I had to layer up with vests, jumpers, leggings, cardigans etc. just to make the colder days bearable. It made me think carefully about the sheer amount of clothing I have accumulated and do I really need them all? I have thought many times about the idea of a capsule wardrobe and it has certainly been brought to the forefront of my mind again. Whilst this may seem quite a trivial thing to mention, the very fact that we can choose what we want to wear on a daily basis is a priviledge, women the world over do not have that choice for many different reasons. I have three young children, two of whom are girls, the thought that the sexual exploitation, labour exploitation and slavery of children is ongoing is heart breaking.

It's now time for a little bit of fun though. I felt so bad about not having a photo taken everyday that on the last day of Dressember I tried on many of the dresses that lurk in the back of my wardrobe. I then did what I normally do about the house, whilst my husband took photos of me. One of the Dressember hashtags is #youcandoanythinginadress and this inspired many women to even exercise and play sport in dresses. This was the inspiration behind my last day, except I just did the normal, everyday stuff, so here they are...

Everyone runs the bath for their kids in a formal dress, right?

Ok, so this dress is a bit more normal...

I'm ashamed to say I don't think I've ever actually worn this green maxi dress outside the house!

My littlest one hates getting out of the bath, only cuddles break her frown, not mummy in a dress!

This dress was bought for a wedding and after making it's debut went straight back into the wardrobe!

My Lucie's hair has grown so long drying it is a nightmare, this maxi dress is so long it's also a nightmare!

I think I'd need to apply a bit of fake tan before heading anywhere in this dress, perfect for washing the dishes though, don't you think?

I had forgotten this dress was lurking in my wardrobe, when my little Arwen saw me the first thing she said was "Elsa!". There was only one thing to do, dress her in her Elsa dress for a photo together.

Christmas holidays always mean several lunches of cheese, crackers and chutney, why not prepare it wearing a dress!

I had to slip into something a little more comfortable to actually eat my lunch in though...

Time for afternoon tea...

...and you can't have tea without cake!

A little bit of silliness I know, but I hope worth the effort!

I know that money can be tight, especially considering the time of year, but My donate page will be open for donations until the 31st March 2015. I have been really terrible at promoting my fundraising but I hope that my small sacrifice, whilst it has been fun, will encourage you to donate even a small amount to this worthwhile charity and perhaps you may consider taking part in Dressember 2015 yourself whether for No More Traffik ot indeed Dressember itself. I have already decided that I will be taking part again but I have a few ideas to make it even more challenging and some extra little dress-related fundraising opportunities which I will be able to plan in advance this time round. If you are interested in joining in please get in touch.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kathryn xxx

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