Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A little recipe for you all...Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Oreo Pie

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When I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing, hey, I still don't, but I am going to try to make a bigger effort with it and try to post more frequently. Cake is part and parcel of life at home and as you can imagine it is difficult to separate them so it's safe to say you can expect a little bit of everything.

Over Christmas I got the chance to take a break from cakes a little, that is, if you don't count baking for my oldest daughter who's birthday is on the 27th December! During that time I was on the lookout for a simple dessert idea and what I discovered I will share with you now as it was easy and more importantly yummy!

I found it whilst scouring Pinterest and it's appeal lay in the fact that I love salted caramel... and dark chocolate... and oreos, and with only 5 ingredients, it had to be a winner! It had been so long since I have used any equipment other than what I use for cakes I had no idea where I had stored my fluted, loose bottomed tin but I had rembered seeing one in Home Bargains for around £2 so off I went on the afternoon of Christmas Eve to buy one.

Click here to find the recipe; Dark chocolate salted caramel oreo pie

When it comes to things like desserts which don't require any baking I tend to throw caution to the wind. I don't actually remember what size the tin was but I do know I didn't quite use 36 oreos. I did however use a conversion chart for the other ingredients despite having a set of cups, I used this one; Cups to grams converter . The recipe doesn't mention adding salt to the caramel but I did, although just a little towards the end of cooking the caramel, as I didn't want to ruin it, in the end you couldn't taste the salt in the caramel very much at all (the 2nd time I made it I was a little more liberal with the salt but not for the better, so be warned!). For the ganache I actually used a half and half mixture of Callebut dark chocolate and milk chocolate callets, ok a little extravagant and not necessary, but it was Christmas. I would definitely recommend half dark if not all dark, depending on how you like it, I think using only milk chocolate would be too sweet with the caramel. As long as you chop your chocolate into smallish pieces before adding the heated cream and then let it sit for around 5mins it will come together beautifully, just don't mix it too frantically. A little sprinkle of salt once the ganache had set and a dusting of icing sugar, and then for the difficult bit, getting it out of the tin... I had used cake release on the tin before pressing the oreos in, whether this helped it come our or not I don't know. One minute I thought it was stuck firm in the tin and the next it popped out. I did this by setting the tin on top of a small upturned bowl and pushing down on the fluted sides, don't even try to take it off the bottom of the tin though, just use it to serve by setting it on a pretty plate/serving dish.

I hope you do try it out, just writing this blog has made me want to make it again, the 5 ingredients are always in our house, and it is pretty quick to put together, dessert tonight perhaps...

Kathryn xxx

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