Frock Around the Clock Vintage and Handmade Wedding Fair

Last week saw my first outing at the Frock Around the Clock Vintage and Handmade Wedding Fair at Malone House. Over all the wedding fairs I have done this was the first one that I manned myself, although Mr Candytuft was just beside me under his own name, with his photography business, Shoot for the Moon. It was a lovely day, with lots of happy couples stopping by for a chat and some cake and a wee sneaky homemade marshmallow too.

I have always struggled on deciding which display cakes to take to wedding fairs and inevitably end up taking lots. If you have ever been to a fair where I have been exhibiting or seen photos you will know that I don’t just take cakes, there are the cake stands and little ornamental details, not to mention the furniture to display it all on. That’s where our VW Touran comes in handy and of course the man to load it all up, Mr Candytuft!

Did you know that all my furniture, and cake stands, and ornamental details are all available for you to hire too? If you ever see anything in any of my photos or at shows and think you would like to hire some items please just ask. I do hope to, one day, have a space where all the items available for hire can be displayed properly for you to see, but we will have to wait on those plans, patiently!

So here is a little photograph of my stand from Sunday’s fair, courtesy of Shoot for the Moon.

Gold was kind of a running theme, with the Merchant Great Room inspired cake, Empire Music Hall cake, pink carousel cake, Steampunk cake, Alice in Wonderland trio, Cinderella’s slipper and pillow and Sleeping Beauty gold bird all featuring rich gold accents, then with the chalkboard/tree trunk and elegant red roses cake thrown in too. Looking back, choosing which ones to bring along was not difficult, choosing which ones to leave behind however, was!

I hope, if you visited the fair, you had a fab time, I know I certainly did, here are some of the other fab exhibitors you may have seen too!

Shoot for the Moon
Lulu and Belle Vintage and Antique Jewellery
Eden Stationery
Tippy Longorio MUA
Archive 12
Innocent Chaos
Back Alley Beats
Balloon Candy
Amilo Weddings and Events

and of course Frock Around the Clock to keep up to date with wedding inspiration!

Kathryn xxx

Kathryn in Cakestandland

Hello. My name is Kathryn and I’m a cakestandoholic…

There is something you might not know about me, but the above sentence is a little more than a giveaway. Not only do I love making cakes but I love displaying them just as much! As a result I have more cake stands than my little cake room can handle! If I had more time I would love to make the display of my cakes as big a part of Candytuft Cakes as the cakes themselves but in the meantime I thought I would share my collection. They are not the easiest things to come by so when you see them you really need to snap them up. Many of them are solely for decorative purposes and cannot bear a substantial amount of weight, so tiered cakes tend to be too heavy. Some of my favourites are my two milkglass stands, in pink and black raspberry and my two latest purchases are beautifully rustic tree stumps. I think this photo contains all of the them, although my hanging stand is missing from this photo, yes it was difficult enough fitting them all in the shot, just ask Mr Candytuft! I shocked myself when I started to empty my cupboards!

 I think it’s safe to say it’s an obsession!

Kathryn xxx