Have my cake and eat it!

Now that work is well underway on the garage conversion it’s time I had a serious think about it’s many functions and, most importantly, how I want it to look! (as if I haven’t already narrowed down the stye and colours in my daydreams, the only thing that has kept me going at times!) The room will be a blank canvas, I am, however, limited by the size of the room, the placement of the doors and windows, and the number of functions it needs to meet, which is unfortunate but I am thrilled to be finally getting a dedicated work space nonetheless!

When it comes to interior design I tend to pick one element that I have fallen in love with and run with it but in this case my two cake display cabinets have been the focus. They were bargains bought in Ikea and I was very fortunate to get two of them as they are now discontinued. They are actually Edlund linen cabinets and are grey in colour with glass door fronts and a drawer at the bottom with little white ceramic pull handles and a lovely simple print on the interior, complete with adjustable shelves. With grey as my starting point, my mind turned to what type of flooring I could choose, I love white washed wood so searched for laminate with a similar effect and hey presto, Homebase came up trumps! I think my biggest hurdle will be the kitchen units. Whilst they will only occupy the back wall I have decided to go with a grey tone, shaker style door front, to co-ordinate with my cake display cabinets, but until the walls are finished the space between is not definite so the cabinet size and configuration will be decided then. I will also be having an island with more storage and a large work surface; the stuff of my dreams!

The other half of the space will be my consultation area (get me!!!). It will of course feature my display cabinets, seating, coffee table, a co-ordinating floor rug, cakey literature and lots of pretty things! Up until now, when clients came to discuss their cake, they had to sit surrounded by kids toys! I will of course bring in a little accent colour too; I have always had a thing for jewel colours and with the grey and white combination I have decided on plum tones and then perhaps a little touch of pink.

There is one thing however, that I would like to do; I would like to display my wedding dress. As my focus is wedding cakes I thought it would add to the ambiance! Now, whilst my dress was not a meringue, it still has quite a full skirt, but I have seen dresses displayed in ‘shadow boxes’ and fell in love. My dress currently hangs on the back of my son’s wardrobe, what is the point in it just sitting there? Call me sentimental but I just can’t get rid of it! All I need to do now is find someone willing and able to make me a shadow box large enough to fit my dress,  like this one!

Since drafting up this post we have progress, below is a photo of the conversion so far, as if we hadn’t had enough excitement in January, February is set to be a rollercoaster too!

Kathryn xxx

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